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This is my Home Page. I will dream later what to write in it...anyhow, welcome to my blog!

You can find my Misha Misha Mihaela Paraschivu on linkedin if you want to know more about my experience.

If you want to know about my personal life and thoughts you can find Misha Mihaela Paraschivu on facebook.

And let's try brandyourself Misha Mihaela Paraschivu

And the last note, I have added Misha to my name because first of all, almost everybody is calling me Misha, second, it is easier to be pronounce, and the last, there is another girl named Mihaela Paraschivu and I wanted to avoid the confusion... that's it...I will get back to writing the blog later (this year I hope), after I will get more comfy on my new job, Design Network Engineer @Gooogle.

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